Sunday, May 22, 2011

Livin' On A High Wire Music Video/ New Scenes


  1. Can we get the ENGLISH eliminated Scene? I don't know spanish

  2. why is it in spanish? :|
    luckly, my first language is spanish :)
    but its weird, cuz its the latinamerica version, i reconize bridgit, adam & hayley voices... and here we didn't even have a trailer :|

    i was soo funny & cute :)

    i can translate for you if you want, but it don't know how to edit videos :/

  3. Okay, the only thing I got out of this was that Wen and Olivia were/became a couple :/ that's all. Will you please find an English version?

  4. I dont know spanish! How am i supposed too understand that!

  5. No lo entiendo!:)

  6. even though it was in Spanish i think Adam and Bridget should stay a perfect couple and there is an English version i saw just watch the first video then it gives suggested videos click on random videos then u might find it if not go on you-tube type the same heading but say in an English version but seriously Adam and Bridget are perfect couple so cute together
    and im huge fan no 1 fan